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Magic or Madness?

Why would any entrepreneur give away 1% of their business?

During 2020 a group of entrepreneurs have gathered to create the GenieShares movement.

Each entrepreneur - Genie - pledges to give 1% of their business to someone else.

Then the magic begins. 🧞

The Genies

Meet the entrepreneurs who are giving away shares in some of the UK's fastest growing companies.

Many are chosing to pledge their shares to keyworkers, volunteers, carers and others who have done so much to keep our society together during the Covid19 pandemic.

Others are making pledges to give their equity to people who they think will especially benefit.

Why would an entrepreneur become a Genie? For most, it's a mixture of wanting to share their successes with others, and a great way to engage with customers, investors and colleagues too.

You can help them to find the right people to gift their shares to by joining the conversations in our community.

Our Community

The GenieShares community is where anyone who wants to see equity more widely distributed in our society.

Whether you're a citizen who would like to be a shareholder, would like to recommend and introduce others, would like to help socially responsible entrepreneurs as a mentor, customer or sponsor - or if you're an entrepreneur yourself and would like to become a Genie - this is the place to get involved

Come and join the conversation!

Our Story

GenieShares is a project set up to help more people have a stake in growth and business success.

The project is volunteer founded, funded and run, and began when Ben Brabyn was leading a community of fintech and cybersecurity businesses in London from 2016-2020.

Among so many inspiring people creating great - and valuable - businesses, Ben wondered how to help many more people experience the magic of ownership.

He was inspired by the success of Premium Bonds in introducing many people to savings, and wondered if a similar approach could introduce more people to owning shares.

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